David… The Love of My Life…

Until I met David, I thought all men were the same, jerks.

I was blessed, 13 years ago when I walked over to David  and said I do.  He was glowing with joy, and I was the normal blushing bride.  My entire life I was surrounded by men who thought I was nothing more then a piece of dirt.  A punching bag, a doll to play with and demean.  I was nothing to any guy, till David came into my life.  He turned my life around.

This road trip has not always been easy, in fact, it has been hard.  David would periodically end up in the hospital.   He had various health problems.  It was not till I finally became pregnant in 2003 that his life really fell.  That year, he lost his job, and stress was high.  He was in the hospital every time you turned around.  It was so hard to watch him go through with these issues, and surgeries.  I smiled for him, but was scared on the inside.  Finally, before our son was born, David was done with his surgeries, and we were free and clear with that health issue.

In 2005, a new health issue arose.  This one tore at us, liver cancer.  He went to various hospitals in the local area and all were saying the same thing, you have liver cancer.  We were so scared, and this time we did something hard on both of us, we went back to church.  We began taking herbs and begging for prayer for his health.  We went to a hospital up North of us known for their advance equipment, and they did many tests, and all came back clean.  The prayers had worked.  🙂

We continued to go to church and in 2009, David got very sick with a cold.  His cough never went away from the cold, and he was coughing up globs of mucus.  After he was going downhill fast, we realized this was serious, and took him to see one specialist after another.  They all scratched their heads baffled until the ENT told us to go to a specialist in Cleveland Clinic. We went there and he biopsied David’s lung.  He found what baffled everyone there, and so he sent the lab stuff to the main Cleveland Clinic headquarters, and then over to England.  They are still not fully sure what they are dealing with, but it looks like DIP.  First thing I must mention, they say the best cure for this, is to quit smoking.  Ladies and gentlemen, let me express that David does not smoke.  I am highly allergic to the smoke.  He has only option 2, Prednisone.  They put him on an excessive heavy dosage of prednisone for 6 months.  He was better after the treatment.  🙂  Yea, it is behind us…. or so I had hoped.

In 2011, we switched to a new church.  The new church allowed us more room to grow in God and this is where I started to grow.  But this page is not about me, it is about David.  We made many friends here and got baptized.  😀  However, in the beginning of the year, 2012, David became sick once again.  His DIP came back strong.  We are back on the prednisone, but his body is reacting heavily to the drug.  He’s suffering from bloating  achy joints, the works.  The DIP has made it so the first time ever, David is now on oxygen.  He is steadily falling in the health wheel.  As his wife, I am scared.  Even though I know he will go to a better place if his lungs finally fail him, I am not ready to let him go.  So, I ask of you, to please pray for my beloved husband David.

In hopes to encourage David’s health, I have made a Face Book page dedicated to prayers for him as well as status updates.

Here is a link to David’s and my baptism.

Towards the beginning of 2013, David was taken off his oxygen.

In 2013, David was taken back to Cleveland Clinic where they found out he has Pulmonary Hypertension.  It was being treated and part of his heart was enlarged.  That was a difficult time as they ran the test through his neck.

However, things began to take a turn for the better!  He started to loose weight and we all changed our diets!  David had some minor issues with pain from his NF but life was finally getting better…

Until October 16, 2015.  He was a victim of a car accident and sadly his ribs were crushed into his lungs.  After a long and tiresome battle, David went to the Lord October 27, 2015 just before 10PM EST.  He passed away in his wife’s arms.

He left behind a wife, a son, a father and two sisters with their families.  His son was only 11 years old at the time of his daddy’s death.

Please pray for this family as we are broken.

The last photo of David and me.

The last photo of David and me.

The videos below are of David’s funeral.

David’s Memorial Nov 7, 2015