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2015-11-06 11.42.49

I have not touched any site that I have made for over 8 months. It has been too hard to go back and even touch a single thing that I had ever enjoyed in my life. The reason is because October 27th I lost the only man who ever loved me. I watched as he took his last breath and collapsed into my arms. I felt truthfully all of my joy and happiness fade away when he went to be with God. So I have given up on most everything that I ever liked doing. I just can’t do it no more. It took a long time to even come back to work on this site. On this fourth of July morning 2016 I finally added the videos of David’s memorials and our wedding. I can only do so much but I will add more about his life… on the memorial page. It is just so hard to accept still. I know I am being dumb, I won’t see him again till I am dead too so I am looking forward to dying. Sadly, I am even updating a website that no one ever looks at unless it is a bot. I just figure that maybe one day some one in the Thoresen’s family would make use of this site. However, it is just me being stupid once again.

When I am gone, I want my son, Calvin, to have full access to my websites and he can choose to sell them or make use of them. Yes, I am planning for my own demise cause I can’t live like this for too long. I am too broken.

We are finally updating our site.  🙂  If you are looking for the old site, you may find it here.  You will see the albums being added and pages start to grow.  Calvin’s site had grown too big and is located here.